How long does it take to rank on the page of Google?

The clients and business owners who need long-term stability and more traffic to their websites always ask SEO experts how long it will take for our business to rank? To reach the 1 page of Google, your websiteneeds to build enough authority, trust, and strong links to and from otherauthoritative websites. Once your online property is placed on Google’s firstpage, the massive stream of visitors and potential customers to your websitewill increase its conversion and assure your long-term business success.

But, how long does this relocation process to the Page 1 take? My answer is, “it depends.” Several factors control the speed of your website’s ranking in Google. Once you know these factors, you and the SEO agency you hire have a better idea about the time and the budget needed for a practical and profitable SEO strategy for your business.

Here we take a look at determining factors, which an SEO expert can deal with to help your website appear on search engines; thus, you can assess a timeline based on them.

On-page factors that can decrease the ranking time

Creating excellent content can help visitors have a more pleasurable user experience and rank your website.

1- High-quality content

A well-written, clear and informative content about your service or business is the most critical factor, influencing your visitors by helping them identify their needs and convince them that your service can fulfill their needs. Thus, good content can improve the conversion of your website and improve its ranking.

2- Content optimization

Placing the keywords in the most important part of your websites, such as URL, headings, and content, will help Google to determine your website’s niche, authority and relevancy compared to other similar websites.

3- Inner linking and navigation

By including the proper call to action, forms, and links throughout your website, you can help the visitors to find what they need and make their buying decisions quicker.

4- Outbound authority linking

Google prefers the websites that link to another high-authority website in the relevant industry and niche. By building outbound authority links, you can build trust as a business owner.

5- Image optimization

Including alt text for each image, which assists visitors with impaired visibility to understand what the image is about, will also improve the ranking in Google.

Technical SEO factors that speed up slow down, or block Google ranking

In technical SEO we deal with the factors that affect the efficiency of Google’s crawlers to collect the data that they need to index your site, categorize it and compare it to similar sites in their database. The SEO expert that you hire must check your website for any possible technical SEO issues, including:

different steps of search engine optimization process

Off-page linking powerhouse speeds up your website ranking!

The relevancy and authority of the websites that link to your online property, is also a determining factor in the your website’s ranking speed. Links from external websites to yours, works like a recommendation, endorsement and vote for confidence. Thus, If your website have tons of irrelevant and spammy links, not only it won’t rank in the 1st page of the Google, but also It may get penalized by Google. On the other hand, if links come from high authority, strong and highly-relevant website, every link will strengthen your website’s linking profile and improves its position in the search result page or SERP.

All being said, how Long Does SEO Take to Work?

Taking all the aforementioned factors into account and answering the following questions will help you and your SEO consultant figure out how long it may take for your website to rank in the first page of Google.

  1. How competitive is the keyword orphrase you want to rank for? If you choose a long-tail keyword or your businessis located in a smaller city, your website may rank much quicker than theshorter keywords with higher traffic and competition.
  2. If your website is newly registered, it may take longer to rank because it needs to make more authority and credibility than other older online properties.
  3. Do you have the keyword in the domain or URL? Is your website has proper on-page optimization so that the crawlers can categorize and sort it more accurately? These two also affect the speed of your website ranking.
  4. The ranking speed also depends on the budget you want to spend on your SEO, build the new links, create new pages, and relevant blog content.

All being said, there is no exact timeframe for how long it may take for your website to rank. It depends on the factors mentioned above. Still, as the rule of thumb, if the keywords you are targeting have less competition, you’re going to rank faster. On average, it takes around 6-12months for a local business to rank in Google; however, it may take two years to rank for highly competitive terms in large cities like Chicago and New York.

Get expert help to rank your website

When you hire an SEO professional who knows what Google is looking for in an authoritative and good-looking website and has experience in optimizing for the most crucial ranking factors in your website, you are very close to your SEO marketing goals!

Give your SEO pros the time they need to move your website to the 1st page of Google for the keywords you wish to rank. However, if SEO is practiced correctly, you should see upward movements in rankings from the first few months.

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